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Class of ’66 Turns Age 66

Class of ’66 Turns Age 66

Have you noticed that the high school class of 1966 turns age 66 this year?  I have since I turned 66 this month and I graduated in 1966. That’s like 46 years, a lifetime ago.

Ann taught me the value of living in the present and looking forward to the future, which is fine with me since I am not much on looking back anyway.

Age 65 Was Good

Being 65 this past year was fine. No one has to fear turning 65.

It was little strange getting my Medicare card in the mail. It felt like getting that AARP membership at age 50 did but both have been a benefit not a hindrance. The United Healthcare Advantage Medicare plan worked fine and I didn’t even have to change my primary doctors.  Insurance is always a hassle to deal with no matter what.

Retirement activities that I enjoyed this year include blogging, took two cruises, traveled some, went to two AARP LifeAt50+ events in Atlanta and Boston, served on the activity committee of Park Place Active Adult Center, played Bocce two times a week,  used my  Just Fitness Gym membership, became a member of a dance club, regular lunches and dinners with my friends, expanded my medals collection, read more books, was a regular member of  the Park Place Pacers a walking club, won some medals in the local area Golden Games including the gold in the half mile walk and silver in Bocce and bought a house in  an active adult community that we will move to one day. Enjoyed going to our local listening room for concerts, but this is enough, you get the idea! Oh yeah, Mary Ann and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.

Looking Forward to Age 66

So July first I started receiving my spousal social security benefits  letting my own social security benefits increase by 8% per year until I start taking them at age 70. Yes you can do that. Well that was a good start.

Looking forward this year to continuing my passion with my retirement job at Retirement Media, have two cruises booked later this year, planning to go to IdeasAt50+ event in San Diego in September, will be doing some retirement communities visits and reviews this Summer starting with a 3 night visit to Sun City Carolina Lakes near Charlotte later this month, and send my application off to participate in the Georgia Golden Olympics in September and if I qualify plan to go to the National Senior Games in Minneapolis next July.  Plus I plan to do a lot of the fun things I did this year.  One thing about retirement is that you can change your plans anytime you want, so who knows what will be coming my way.

Just like my life has gotten better after 30, 40, then 50, I am have an optimistic feeling for 65+ because I am having the time of my life.

Robert Fowler

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Robert Fowler

Robert and Mary Ann Fowler live at the Village at Deaton Creek, a Del Webb community in North Georgia. They own Retirement Media Inc. which has eight web sites providing Boomers and Seniors information about retirement communities, retirement, lifestyle, health and travel. Robert and Mary Ann are leading edge boomers living the retirement lifestyle and sharing with others. They like to travel, play bocce and socialize with friends. Robert competed as a Race Walker in The National Senior Games in Minnesota in 2015 and is looking forward to the next National Senior Games to be help in Birmingham AL in 2017. Mary Ann volunteered for three years at Emory Johns Creek Hospital before our recent move. Robert and Mary Ann attended the last three AARP National Events. Some of their sites are:,,, and

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  1. Wow! You are really staying active. That’s great! I enjoyed the blog and hearing about the neat things that you did. Keep up the good work.

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