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Less Is More In Retirement by Ann Hearn

Less Is More In Retirement by Ann Hearn

The last time that I wrote a blog, I was working a full time job on the night shift and dreaming of retirement. Some of you may remember me as WorkingBoomer. I used to write blogs on Boomerplaces.com. That seems like such a long time ago because many things have changed since my writing days. The single most important thing that has changed is just this; I AM NOW RETIRED. I even retired my old computer and purchased a new lap top. Retirement means different things to different people. For me my Less is my More. I will attempt to list the reasons for my less retirement life which has become my priceless More Retirement Dream.

1. For the first time in my life I truly know what it feels like to be relaxed.

Enjoy Flowers!
Enjoy Flowers!

2. I have learned to enjoy planting flowers and watching them grow.

3. My days of clock watching are gone. There are no more alarm clocks sounding when most people are preparing for bedtime.

4. I can sleep as late as I choose and still have time to do the things that I want to do.

5. My new Medicare HMO insurance gives me free membership to Silver Sneakers at my local YMCA. There I can have fun and meet new friends.

6. Since my youngest grandchild lives over a thousand miles away, I learned to use Skype. I enjoy learning.

7. I finally had the time to get rid of clutter in my apartment.

8. I visited the senior center in my area. The nice people there provided me with a list of senior housing. Some I have visited. One place that I visited was a 55 community.

9. Grocery shopping is more pleasurable since I can now shop during the less busy hours.

Healthy Meals
Healthy Meals

10. There is more time to prepare healthy meals.

11. Now that I don’t work every weekend, I can do simple things that make me happy such as attend church, people watch at the mall, take in a daytime movie, go to the zoo, or make plans with my friends if I choose.

12. Also the days of fighting traffic twice a day are gone. I don’t miss my stomach being tied in knots while trying to keep away from road rage.


13. Even my dog Sweetie is more relaxed. I can now give her all the attention that she deserves. I don’t have to feel guilty leaving her every night for eight hours alone.

14.If I need to make a doctors appointment or go to the bank, it is much easier to do with my time being flexible.

15. I now have the time to attend some of my grandchildren’s school sports events.

16. I can take a road trip just because.

Enjoy the Park
Enjoy the Park

17. The park is one of my favorite places. There is plenty of time to enjoy a stroll on the walking trail and be with nature.

18. If I choose to work, I can volunteer or work part time.

Yes my less is more.

Some people dream of traveling, moving to a new location, or participating in cultural activities. Whatever makes you happy then do it if possible.

For me happiness comes from the simple little things in life.

I had a goal to be the first person in my job description to retire. I succeeded with the help of my wonderful co workers. For me, a doer, it is a pleasure to just not have to do.

It would be nice to have lots of money but I am content with my less because just being able to relax, feel grateful, see the sunset, smile at a new friend, read a novel, learn a new hobby, have memories, and enjoy the things in life that are free turns my Less into More during the last chapter, my retirement days.

By Ann Hearn, a Working Retired Boomer!

Note from Robert Fowler, publisher of Retirement Media Inc: Ann wrote so many great posts on BoomerPlaces.com. They have become classics enjoyed by many even today.  Everyone one of her posts has things we all can relate to and I found myself nodding yes to the post above as well. Ann wrote this post at my request. Thanks Ann!


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  1. Sharing your retirement blessings is a blessing it itself, Ann. My husband and I are almost there…each of us still works part time, but we set our own schedule, and like you, find that shopping during the day, and going to a movie during the day, and visiting the library in the morning is wonderfully freeing. No more wrangling rush-hour traffic. So glad you are enjoying your retirement.

  2. An enjoyable read Ann and glad to hear that you are enjoying your retirement. I retired from full time employment in March last year but in 2009 we set up our online home exchange travel business to keep us busy in retirement. Since retiring, I have spent part of most days ‘working’ on our website, developing and marketing it to increase our member numbers. I do however still look forward to Fridays knowing that the weekend is about to reach meaning no ‘work’ just like the old working week.



  3. Ann, great article! What you describe is what I am also looking for in retirement. I am “only” 61 years old (and married), but the draw of retirement seems to be on my mind more and more. I have a great job, but I feel like I am just getting tired of the “rat race”. I know God has blessed me so. I am trying to start each day with a good attitude. However, your article made me yearn for retirement even more! Please pray for me that I make the right decision concerning retirement.

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