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Retirement Activities

Retirement Activities

I have found that activities is what makes retirement work.

Keep active is the key to a successful retirement and will keep you both physically in good condition and engaged mentally and socially.

In this category I will be blogging about retirement activities that are fun and accessible. I am on the Active Committee of our Active Adult Center and have enjoyed many of the activities that is offered there. I believe senior centers are a great activity resource.   I love playing Bocce ball a couple of times every week. I liked participated in the Senior Games last year. I also love traveling and taking cruises. I enjoyed attending with friends the Petit LeMans Road Race every year for the last five years.  My wife and I like taking dance classes and weekly attending our dance club for dancing and socialization.  I love learning new things and I believe even the Internet has helped me stay abreast of current events and explore new things. We love meeting with friends and going out to dinner.  I attended the AARP convention last year and met a lot of new people and was exposed to a lot of great ideas to keep active. I love meet with friends for parties and special events. I participated in my towns Founders Day Parade this year. I like reading books. I collect medals from the nineteenth century world’s fairs and expositions and started a web site to catalog my collection. My wife and I took a cooking class. Going to the gym 3 times a week is an important way to keep active and in shape.  In my spare time I maintain this web site and 5 others about retirement.

I plan to keep doing all of the above and more this year as I will to keep active in my retirement.

I will be sharing the activities that I am doing in retirement right here along with photos. I will be searching for new activities and resources that will be useful to us to stay active. I would comments from you about what you are doing to stay active retirement.

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Robert Fowler

Robert and Mary Ann Fowler live at the Village at Deaton Creek, a Del Webb community in North Georgia. They own Retirement Media Inc. which has eight web sites providing Boomers and Seniors information about retirement communities, retirement, lifestyle, health and travel. Robert and Mary Ann are leading edge boomers living the retirement lifestyle and sharing with others. They like to travel, play bocce and socialize with friends. Robert competed as a Race Walker in The National Senior Games in Minnesota in 2015 and is looking forward to the next National Senior Games to be help in Birmingham AL in 2017. Mary Ann volunteered for three years at Emory Johns Creek Hospital before our recent move. Robert and Mary Ann attended the last three AARP National Events. Some of their sites are:,,, and

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