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Retirement Blogs

This page has been transferred to my new blog on 55 Community Guide.  See it here Retirement Blogs.  Thanks, Robert

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  1. Thanks for this article – I have been really struggling to find high quality retirement blogs written by individuals for individuals rather than those of companies looking to peddle financial wares. Still haven’t found many British retirement bloggers though, making me feel a little lonely on this side of the Atlantic sometimes.

  2. This is so useful. I have just started blogging about retirement and hope that writing and reading will help me figure it out. Thanks so much for this helpful site.

  3. Just discovered your wonderful blog! Looking forward to all your upcoming posts. Thought your readers may be interested in my Travel Blog for Baby Boomers!

  4. Hi Rob! Thanks for stopping by. Always love reading and doing baby boomer travel. I checked out your site and love the best travel tips. I like #2 Always back up your documents. I scan and email then to me! What a great way to make sure you can find your backups! -Regards, Robert Fowler

  5. Hi, I started a website Jan 1, 2015 to establish a community of pre-retirees and retirees to share their experience, expertise and lessons learned. I go through our journey from building the foundation to pre-retirement to arriving, surviving and thriving in retirement. Topics include finance, health and personal interests. Now I want to expand our community in an effort to diversify our content further. I am especially interesting in finding guests to be part of a podcast. I think podcasting is a lot of fun and gives the guest a literal voice. And…I am also interested in becoming a guest blogger. Unfortunately I am at that stage of not knowing what I don’t know. Thanks in advance to any and all thoughts.

  6. I just found your blog and really enjoyed the list of retirement blogs that you recommended. Some of them I know, while others were new to me. I appreciate the list!

    I started my retirement blog in July 2014. It’s fun to write every week and meet people through internet posting.

  7. Couldn’t agree more. I retired at age 43 in 2005 and have been working online full-time since 2006. I would love to find a good retirement home that I can use my computer programming and technical skills to show others how they can write short stories from their true life experiences.

    Publishing on Amazon and other platforms is simple with the right tools and I’ve got plenty to share – all free of charge. The only ulterior motive I have is using their wisdom to influence readers so that history doesn’t have to keep repeating itself. The older the writer, the better!

  8. Thank you Bob, for this generous and informative post. I recently started a nonfinancial informational blog about retirement and relaunching (a career) topics. For this week’s blog I teamed up with Dr. Rin Porter, also a retirement blogger to discuss the importance of routines in retirement. The blog is Retire or Relaunch.

  9. With an ageing population looking for affordable housing, an increasing number of developers will be hoping to cash in on housing retirees. Retirement villages are not to everyone’s liking but they can offer buyers the chance to remain independent, yet benefit from a wide range of services.

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