retirement jobs

Retirement Jobs

Retirement Jobs

A retirement job has many definitions. Some say a full or part time job from an age friendly employer.   Then there is any job to supplement your retirement income.  Some say seasonal jobs or even volunteering jobs. Also a job with flexible hours and benefits could be a good retirement job.

One of the best books I have read on the subject is The Power Years by Ken Dychtwald where he talks about rediscovering retirement jobs by job sharing, starting new careers in something you have a passion for, jobs for fulfillment not need and cycling  in and out of the workplace.

I will be doing more on retirement jobs.. but in the meantime here are some retirement jobs of my friends.

Larry – part time at the golf course.
Ron – Internet business
Arnie – managing his rental homes
Jim – driving a school bus. The provides benefits also.
Joe – making dog treats at his home and selling them on the Internet
David – doing home repairs. Buying and selling things.
Marie – doll collector and dealer. Attends doll shows around the country.
Ronnie – DJ

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