Splitting Entrees

Retirement Savings: Splitting Entrees

Retirement Savings: Splitting Entrees

In retirement you need to save money when you can and also need to watch your weight.  I have a way to do both by splitting entrees.

Splitting Entrees
Splitting Entrees

Splitting Entrees

Today we were at lunch at Cuzie’s, a little french cafe down the street and my wife ordered the Pastrami and Cheese Panini and I ordered the Ham and Brie Panini. We both got sides.  We really were not that hungry at lunch and ending up with a to go box.  We both said “Why didn’t we split one entree and get one addition side”.

If we would had split the entree, we would have not had to lug that to go box home, to sit in the refrigerator and probably be throw out with this week’s garbage.  If we had eaten it all, we would have been stuff. The bill was $25.

On the other hand if we have ordered that Pastrami and Cheese Panini to be split by the both of us and one additional side, then that would have been more than enough food. This is great portion control. We would not have had to dealt with the take out and would have saved some money as a bonus.

Do you ever say “We should have split on entree”?

Many restaurants are happy to split entrees for you and serve on two plates. We go to a nice Italian restaurant and split theManicotti dish and share a salad.  The restaurant does a good job splitting on serving on individual plates. That’s the way to do it.


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