Impressive Sun City Carolina Lakes

Impressive Sun City Carolina Lakes

Impressive Sun City Carolina Lakes

We visited Sun City Carolina Lakes and were highly impressed with the beauty, the activities and the people. We were on the three night  Explore Del Webb vacation getaway.

All Sun City communities have a golf course and this one was a beauty!

Golf course at Sun City Carolina Lakes
Golf course at Sun City Carolina Lakes

18 hole golf course and putting tee with it’s own clubhouse with grill restaurant.

One of 10 Lakes at SCCL
One of 10 Lakes at SCCL. This is at the Grandkids Park where they have their own dock to fish and look at turtles.

The lakes at Sun City Carolina Lakes were beautiful and really sets this community apart from others. The lakes are stocked and fishing is enjoyed by many.

The community is on the Catawba River
The community is on the Catawba River

The Catawba River is a large river as you can see. Lush green cool surroundings perfect to get out into nature right in the community!

Canoe and kayak club at SCCL
Canoe and Kayak storage facility

With a river and 10 lakes, SCCL residents have a Canoe and Kayak Cub.  This club not only uses the lakes and river at the community, they make outside trips.

Nature trail to Catawba River
Nature trail to Catawba River

There are wooded trails to the river and gardens that can be walked or residents can ride their golf carts. 1500 acres are in the community.

Community Gardens
Community Gardens

In the bottom lands down by the river there is a large  community garden that is both beautiful as well as bountiful.

Some other Outdoor Activities at Sun City Carolina Lakes

We are bocce players and enjoyed playing on the nice lighted courts and meeting other bocce players.  We met a group of tennis players who invited us for wine and cheese after their meet.  Look at the picture of the dog park above and you will see a gathering of people under the shade tree having a good time. The pickleball players also had a gathering with a tent and refreshments. We noticed happy people socializing and sharing the activities.

Lake House: The 40,000 Activities Center

This is the finest clubhouses we have ever visited. (By the way,  there are plans to build a second clubhouse at the rear of the community too.) This clubhouse is beaming with activity.

The Lake House at Sun City Carolina Lakes
The Lake House at Sun City Carolina Lakes

Some activities at the Lake House when we visited

There is always something going on at the Lake House. There are about 150 groups and clubs at Sun City Carolina Lakes. The  Lifestyle Director is Trevor Sunderlage and residents say he does a great job.

We took a line dancing class, class level one. There was a level two class just after ours and they have offer a level three class too.

Line Dancing Class
Line Dancing Class

What We Liked About Sun City Carolina Lakes

The beautiful grounds – 1500 acres.
10 Lakes and on a river
Golf Course
The wonderful Lake House
The People are Happy and Friendly
Clubs and groups for range of interests, activities, and  socialization.
The great staff – It’s a Del Webb community – Sun City.
The model home park – great floor plans – 2800 homes
This is not an isolated community. There are restaurants, groceries, shops and services nearby like you would find in any suburban location.

The Community Information

Name: Sun City Carolina Lakes
Web site:
Phone: 803-396-9803. We met with agent Brook Moore.
Location: 5074 Grandview Drive, Fort Mill SC 29707

Special thanks to Pam with Explore Del Webb program for our community tour and introductions.

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  1. Thanks for a great community review of Sun City Carolina Lakes! You probably rode around the community in one of our carts as we are less than 20 miles away from this community. Metrolina Carts is conveniently located just minutes off of interstate 77 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Aren’t the community carts the way to go, not only for the golf course, but for travel to the Lake House or any other community location or even the shopping area next door to Sun City Carolina Lakes. Again, enjoyed reading about your visit and seeing the beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks Metrolina Carts. Yes with the Explore Del Webb program we did get use of a cart for the whole 3 days of our visit. At first I was a little tentative driving it, but quickly got the hang of it and see that is the way to go. Thanks for stopping by and noticing our post. -Robert

  3. We love the active retirement community reviews you do. The program you described where you can stay in a Del Webb community for a few days to try it out sounds great I have signed up with your feed and additionally will enjoy reading your personal wonderful write-ups. Incidentally, We have shared your web blog in our social networks.

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