Technology for Seniors

Home Technology For Seniors

Home Technology For Seniors

Technology is really becoming useful to help seniors stay in their homes. Yesterday I took a technology for seniors workshop, then today I received this great info-graphic from the folks at Home Access Products.

Home Technology for Seniors Infographic

There are several items that I like that I had not heard of before like the EasyFamily IPad App that will make it easier for seniors to stay in touch with their family.

The FitBit Flex sounds like a good idea and I like it; it resembles a trendy looking watch that my nephew’s young wife is wearing. I may get one for myself.

I agree the Apple IPad is a great tool for seniors and  after taking an AARP TEK workshop yesterday using an iPad Mini to demo, I want one. Nice!  More info on AARP TEK see Technology Education Center.

Technologies that help seniors stay connected with friends and family are already good and will only get better as we boomer enter retirement and beyond.

Robert Fowler
Retirement Media


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