Senior and Master Games

Senior Games and Master Games

Residents of active retirement communities are very active naturally. Sports competition in these communities is rekindled as we try our hand at team sports such as bocce, pickleball, tennis, basketball, table tennis, pool events and softball.

Going beyond the community level, there is a growing number of venues for Senior Games and Master Games. These are for boomers and seniors to compete in our favorite sports competitions in our age brackets. Depending on the events, the minimum age starts at 35 or 50 and up to those who age goes over 100! There are competitions in the sports listed above plus track and field events like running, race walking and field events like shot put and discus and more.

There are several types of Senior/Masters Games and here is some information on each.

State Senior Games – You do not need to qualify before hand but you do need to register for your state Senior Games.  They are held once per year and every other year are qualifiers for the National Senior Games. Click the link above to find information about your state’s Senior Games. In Georgia, our state’s Senior Games are called the Georgia Golden Olympics and will be in Warner Robins in Sept 21-24, 2016.

National Senior Games – These are held every other year and will be in Birmingham AL in June 2017. First you need to qualify in a state’s Senior Games the year before.  I attended this event in Minnesota in 2015 and plan on  being in Birmingham in 2017.

USATF – US Track and Field Masters Division. USATF’s Masters programs offer a variety of competitive and fitness opportunities in track & field, long distance running, and race walking. Competitions generally take place in 5-year age divisions. Age divisions begin at age 30 for track & field and race walking, and at age 40 for long distance running. They have local, regional, and national competitions. I attended the USATF Masters Indoor Championship in Albuquerque in March 2016 and enjoy competing and watching other events.

USA Masters Games – The first USA Masters Games was held in Greensboro NC in July 2016 and I attended (my post). By the conclusion of the 2016 USA Masters Games, the  event had more than 2545 registered participants who had competed in more than 400 events or games in 24 sports at 17 venues across the Greater Greensboro area. This event is planned every other year and the 2018 USA Masters Games has been announced for San Diego CA.

Huntsman World Senior Games – The Huntsman World Senior Games are held in St. George, Utah is an international sports event for men and women ages 55 and better. A member of the National Senior Games Association, this annual event also acts as a qualifier for the 2017 Summer National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, for the following sports: Archery – Target, Badminton, Basketball 3-on-3, Bowling, Cycling, Golf, Horseshoes, Pickleball, Race Walking, Racquetball, Road Races, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon and Volleyball.

So you can see there are many Senior Games going on just about all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see even more senior events added in the future.

Click on any of the links above to find our more information about the various Senor Games listed.

Do some  planning on which games you would like to compete in and start your training. Do some local meets first and work your way up.

Training to compete in Senior Games will help you get in better shape than you have been in for years.-Robert Fowler

It gives you something fun to look forward to and you will be rewarded with travel, new friendships, and a feeling of accomplishment that you gave it a try.  You may be amazed at yourself.  Others will look on in admiration. Bottom line is that getting to compete in one of the Senior Games or Masters Games is rewarding all the way around.  You will be glad you did. Why not try it and see?

Robert Fowler
USATF One Mile Race Walk National Championship – Furman University SC Oct 2018
USATF Masters Outdoor Championship in Spokane WA Aug 2018
National Senior Games in July 2015
USATF Masters Indoor Championship March 2016
USA Masters Games July 2017

At The National Senior Games in Minnesota 2015.
At The National Senior Games in Minnesota 2015.
race in senior games
Getting ready to race!