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Silver Sneakers Program

This week I received my Silver Sneakers card that comes with my Aetna Medicare Advantage insurance plan.  The hospital near us switched insurance companies, so I did too. That SilverSneakers is provided was a pleasant surprise.

SilverSneakers is a exercise program provided with some Medicare Insurance plans at no extra fee that allows access to more than 13,000 facilities and locations.

Near our Del Webb Community, there are 4 locations. Mulberry Creek Community Center, a recreation/senior center is the one I used to walk all last Winter at their indoor track. Now I don’t have to pay a dollar each visit. I know they have classes for yoga and Tai Chi too.

Also in the program are two Anytime Fitness locations nearby and a Workout Anytime on Spout Springs road. I will have to check them out.

With our great gym and exercise classes right here at Village at Deaton Creek one would question if SilverSneakers is an advantage, but I think it will be.

Mary Ann and I will be going down to Destin Florida this Spring for a week, maybe I can use my SilverSneakers card at a gym down there. That would be a big benefit to me, since I will be training for the National Senior Games in June.

Our clubhouse and gym is not closed much, but for the few days a year when they are, maybe I could use the Anytime Gym for a day or two. The SilverSneakers information sheet says I can use my card anywhere, anytime, even at multiple locations.

I bet with the new Del Webb at Chateau Elan coming this year, these gyms will have enough of us SilverSneakers members to offer some unique programs for us.

Robert Fowler


By Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc. and publisher of Robert and his wife Mary Ann live at Village at Deaton Creek, a Del Webb Community in North Georgia. Robert has visited many 55+ Active Adult Communities and blogs about Active Adult Community Living.

4 replies on “Silver Sneakers Program”

I wonder when Aetna is ever going to get Silver Sneakers? When we had Humana Ins we had it. It is a shame that Aetna can’t help us people over 70.

My wife and I have Aetna. I worked at Navistar International and Retired.

Would you be referring to the Aetna Medicare supplement plans? Most of the Aetna and UHC Medicare Advantage plans do have the Silver Sneakers built it. But if you have are on original Medicare with an Aetna Medicare supplement (great choice, by the way!), they do not include SS. There are only 2-3 supplement companies that do. But here is the kicker – the ones that do are going to be $30-60 more per month than what you can get the identical coverage from Aetna for. Although they can add a Silver Sneakers plan to entice you, all the healthcare coverage of a Plan F or a Plan G is identical from company to company. In other words, if you go with one of those other plans, you are paying for SS and then some! Your best bet may be to stay with your current Aetna Medigap plan and find a local gym that gives a discount to seniors. Most of them do. We have seen them priced anywhere from $8 up to $22 per month – way less than the difference in premium of the higher priced Medigap plans that include SS. Maybe your agent can help you find a good, local gym membership. If they can’t help you, call us at 888-228-6119.

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