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University & Colleges Provide Benefits To Retirees

The idea that College Towns May Be the Best Places To Retire has been around for a while, but the  benefits of having a University or college nearby just dawned on me.

Our Del Webb Active Adult Community is not technically in a college town, but for all practical purposes it is.  Gainesville is home to Brenau University, North Georgia College and Lanier Technical School.  Brenau University is only about 20-25 minutes away and North Georgia College and Lanier Tech even closer at 15 minute drive away from our community.  The University of Georgia, the state’s largest University, is only 45 minutes away.  I have gotten benefits from each one of these institution since moving here over two years ago.

Benefits I Received From Area Colleges and Universities

  1. Gainesville Theater Alliance is a nationally acclaimed collaboration between the University of North Georgia, Brenau University, Theater Professionals and the Northeast Georgia Community.  Mary Ann and I went to see their production of “Crazy For You” and it was one of the most enjoyable plays we have ever seen.  We have been back and have tickets to future plays as well. 97% of their season sold out. We have run into many Deaton Creekers and noticed retirees make up the large part of the audiences. Their tickets are reasonably price and there is plenty of close by parking.

    Crazy for You
  2. Entertainment – We just went to Pearce Auditorium on the beautiful campus of Brenau University to see the Young Irelanders perform song and dance. The Gainesville Arts Council has entertainment events there often.

    The Young Irelanders
  3. Community Events – Last weekend I participated in the Dempsey Dash 5K to raise scholarship funds in the name of a beloved dean.  There were people of all ages  and the community spirit was in full view. I plan on doing this one again next year.

    Robert Fowler at Dempsey Dash
  4. Fairs and Events I attended a fair at Brenau University recently and got a free massage. Their students studying massage therapy were giving them free to the public.
  5. Sporting Events – I signed up on for discount tickets for University of Georgia sport team tickets.  I got one in Feb for the Lady Bulldogs championship basketball team tickets… for $1. Yes $1 to see a game.  I have driven over for a UGA football game. They are so close by and if you are flexible on the dates, you can get some really cheap tickets as well.

    University of Georgia
  6. Museums – We went to the Northeast Georgia History Center at Brenau University. In Athens there is the The Georgia Museum of Natural History and The Georgia Museum of Art, both open to the public. More than one person has told me I should go to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, a part of the University of Georgia. The Garden is 313 acres of Displays, Natural areas, and Conservation.

    NE Georgia History Center
  7. Classes -Brenau University has The Center for Lifetime Study that provides opportunities for lifelong learning, leadership and cultural exploration to mature adults throughout northeast Georgia.  This includes BULLI which offers a wide range of courses from each of four categories – academics, the arts, self-improvement and health and wellness. Several in our community take these classes in Gainesville and Braselton.
  8. I have been taking free on-line university courses that I found out about in my writing class here at VDC from I would highly recommend the Mindfullness course. These are fun and no home work!
  9. Mentorships and Interns – I spoke with an official of Lanier Technical School about using one of their students to help me with my web sites and they put me in touch with their head of computer science department.  There is also volunteer and charitable opportunities for retirees I found out.
  10. Lively Downtown – is probably due to the number of colleges and the university in Gainesville. College towns are fun.
When I moved to our Active Adult Community, I didn’t know about or consider how receiving the above benefits would help me enjoy my retirement that much more.  If you are looking for a place to retire, you may want to consider proximity to colleges and universities a benefit.  If you are already in your retirement home, visit the web sites of area colleges and universities to see what they offer.
Robert Fowler


Active Adult Living Retirement

Planning Your Schedule in Retirement

When we were in the work world, we had a routine didn’t we? You knew where you were going each weekday and most likely what you were going to be doing.

Then finally retirement comes along and you rejoice in not having a routine. You don’t even have to set your alarm clock for a change.  Just get up and do what you want to do. Not what the boss wants you to. Nice.

But then you realize there are pitfalls.  One day you don’t get dressed until noon and some days you may not even go out of the house.  Having a lot of free time without anything to do leads to problems.

You realize you need physical and mental activities. You need and miss socialization.  You start doing things again, things you look forward to and want to do.

In an active adult community there are plenty of things to do and people to do them with.  At first when you are new, you want to try as many things as possible and actually that is a good way to find out what you really like to do. But you find out you can’t do everything. In fact, more is not necessarly better.  One, two or three scheduled activities a week is just fine for many folks. Some want more.

Planning Your Retirement Schedule

You realize you are missing out on some things you really wanted to do. You check the activities calendar and do some juggling on your schedule.  You discover  planning your schedule in retirement is key!

Then you realize there is a pattern, a routine of events and activities. You sign up for the bocce league and get assigned to play every Tuesday at 10am.   Or, you play pickleball with a group every Tuesday and Thursday.  On Monday and Friday you take a Cardio Sculpture class from 11am until noon.  My wife, Mary Ann, is likely to play Hand and Foot card game with a group every Tuesday from 1pm until 3:30pm. I play Hearts on Wednesday.

Be the master of your own schedule

It is ideal to schedule some physical, mental and social activities. A lot of activities cover some of each.

You find it best not to crowd your schedule. You are not trying to schedule your whole day. Most days I have something scheduled. Today it’s trivia at 4pm. Then there is always filler activities like going to lunch, taking a walk, visiting the gym or the library and many more.

The weekend comes and everyone takes a break. There are not as many scheduled events on the weekends at active adult communities. Next week we start again.

Your schedule starts to settle down to a comfortable pattern. The activity is always fun but you no longer have to hassle with planning your day. You have developed a routine and a schedule. Life is good!

Developing and planning your schedule is part of part of the adjustment to a successful retirement.

Enjoying busy my way!
Enjoying busy my way!