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About Retirement Media Inc.

Retirement Media logoWith a series of websites targeting 50+ Baby Boomers and Retirees, Retirement Media Inc. provides seniors and other stakeholders interested in retirement issues to ever expanding retirement related content with a special focus on retirement communities, senior communities, senior apartments, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing, retiring to urban areas or small towns, as well as retirees who desire an active lifestyle similar to more youthful people. Health and Vacation articles are also reported on in depth targeting seniors who want to spend time doing fun things and not slowing down.

About Retirement Media Inc.’s Websites

Retirement Media Inc. became a first mover in serving the 50+ year old demographic with a series of content filled websites assisting seniors and Boomers with all their retirement needs information. From vacation locations to retirement towns that bring back nostalgia from their youth, Retirement Media Inc. surely owns a site that has the content you’re looking for. With some of the premier web locations catering to the senior market, Retirement Media Inc. is a major player in providing high quality authoritative contents to educate, entertain, and inform its target market. has a thorough database containing over 600 retirement communities all around the country and recently incorporated assisted living and skilled nursing facilities to its database. While not something many people want to think about, this database has become a go-to resource for people researching these facilities. Many Boomers want to live somewhere other than the location where they spent their working years. This means in retirement they’ll move either to a small town or, as the hot new trend, move to enjoy the benefits of city living. Retirement Media Inc. has both trends covered with its and Senior Communities and Senior Apartments serve a little older demographic and Retirements Media Inc.’s fills that niche. Most recently we have developed our new site for information about Senior Centers at Boomers in retirement have a wide range of interests including Retirement Jobs, Travel, Health, Hobbies and more. Our provides general interest geared toward Baby Boomers who want to live life to the fullest without slowing down in their retirement years.

News and information about retirement is constantly created, always evolving, and never what you expect and Retirement Media Inc.’s site is a gateway website to the best Retirement resources on the web. While we continue to be excited about our mission of providing seniors with the highest quality information to make their retirement years the best ones of their lives, we are constantly trying to grow and serve our readers in the 50+ Boomers and Seniors demographic.

Retirement Media Inc. Embraces Social Media

Retirement Media Inc. decided early on that to be a premier internet community of websites dedicated to Baby Boomers and seniors that social media was going to be a major and active avenue of interaction with its reader base. According to 2010 Nielson Media Fact Sheet, was the #3 most visited site by those 65 years and above. This will rapidly grow which shows why social media is important to meeting the Baby Boomer and senior demographic. Our presence in social media includes Facebook pages for each of our sites, Twitter account with over 6500 followers, Youtube Retirement Communities Channel, Small Town Retirement Blog and others.  Robert Fowler was active on Google Plus from the beginning and  Retirement Media has an active account as well. As social media becomes one of the premier communication channels for seniors, Retirement Media Inc. will continue to develop, grow, and utilize this channel to educate, entertain, and inform its audience.

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