AARP Predictions for 2016 Travel Trends

As travel continues to be the number one retirement activity that people look forward to, AARP is unveiling some of the popular travel trends for 2016 that I want to share.

In retirement we now have the time to travel! Let’s travel while we can.We are heading to Albuquerque in two weeks for our first 2016 trip and have several trips we are planning for.  Now is the time to plan for 2016 travel.  -Robert

Key Highlights of AARP Predictions for 2016 Travel Trends:

2016 will bring a travel boom for Boomers:

  • 99% of survey respondents said they are planning to travel in 2016
  • One in 10 said they booked their trip by September 2015, leaving opportunity to provide guidance on things to do, places to eat and other activities they can do once they arrive at their destination


Cost isn’t a factor:

  • 55% of survey respondents said cost was not a factor when planning their vacation. This is a sharp contrast to Millennials and Gen Xers, more than half of those respondents said cost was a barrier for leisure travel.
  • Baby Boomers control 70% of the nation’s disposable income, so in 2016 they plan to use this income to treat themselves to fun leisure trips. Survey respondents said the reason for these trips is to spend time with family and friends, relax and get away from normal everyday life.
  • However, 50+ survey respondents said they are still interested in getting great deals as they book their travel and want to get the most out of their dollars


Types of trips the 50+ will be embarking on in 2016:

  • Domestic: 95% said they will travel domestically this summer. These trips primarily include summer vacations, multi-generational trips and weekend getaways. Popular domestic destinations will be to places like Florida, Las Vegas, California, New York and Hawaii.
  • International: 32% said they will be embarking on an international once in a lifetime trip. International trips will be especially popular in the spring, with 29% travelling to other countries then. Also, England, the Caribbean and Mexico will be the top international destinations for these travelers.
  • Extended Family Trips: 26% of travelers 50+ will take at least one multi-generational domestic trip in 2016. While this is still a high percentage, it is down from 2015. In 2015 approximately 32% of 50+ travelers took a multi-generational trip.


What 50+ travels are looking for during these trips:

  • 43% of respondents said they must have free Wi-Fi in their hotel and 86% said they must have complimentary Wi-Fi in their vacation rental home.
  • 40% of respondents said they will stay at a hotel or motel. However, Airbnb and VRBO are gaining in popularity, with 9% of respondents saying they will be staying at one of these properties.

For more information visit and to plan y0ur 2016 travel, visit AARP Travel

Enjoying Your Retirement Cruise

Ever wonder why so many people like to take cruises in their retirement?

Some people refer to a “retirement cruise” as a cruise they will take shortly after they retire. Maybe it will be their one and only cruise. It is a big thing and something to look forward to.  Just make sure you take a least a 7 day cruise and not a 3 or 4 day cruise, which in my opinion is really not enjoyable at all.  All your time is spend getting settled in and then start packing. So do at least a 7 day cruise or a 10 day cruise is even better.

But why are so many people really die hard cruisers in their retirement. You know the people who take one cruise after another, maybe 3 or 4  a year.

It’s like a travel bug that bites you and you just got to have more.  What’s the big attraction?

Cruising in Retirement

1. Taking a cruise is nice because you just pack and go. Once on ship you can do as little or as much as you want to but you don’t have to repack or catch a bus or change hotel rooms. That’s convenient and people like it.

2. Meeting and talking with new people is interesting and enjoyable. You have plenty of time on a cruise ship and everyone is open to talking with you at meals, at the pool or anywhere around the ship. We have met some very interesting people on every cruise and people are so nice.

Pool on ship
Pool on ship

3.  The food is really good. You can try new foods you don’t normally try. You can go formal dining or casual. Fixed seating or anytime dining.  You can visit the many specialty restaurants.

4. There is always something to do. During the day there are many activities and games, entertainment around the ship or just watch the waves and the flying fish if you are lucky.  Grab a chair and people watch. Share a drink at the bar. At night there is special entertainers like singers, ventriloquist, and magicians.  Then several shows each cruise with the ships singers and dancers which are excellent.

Food carving demo
Food carving demo

5. Oh there are destinations to visit too. Take one of the ship’s excursions or just get off the ship and walk around. Many cruisers set up their own excursions in advance over the Internet. Or just enjoy seeing them from the ship! Here is a picture I took from the ship of Antigua last week.AntiquaAntiqua

6. Take a class. The photo below is my wife Mary Ann taking a cook class aboard the Celebrity Equinox this year. There are classes for dancing, learning musical instruments, healthy living, computers and more.

Cooking class in ship
Cooking class in ship

7. There is always something to see from the ship like the Manhattan sky line on this photo I took last week.  I have seen flying fish, whales, Russian MiG plane, rainbows, 25 foot waves, beautiful islands, coatlines, mountains, skies and moonlights on the sea.

Manhattan from Royal Princess
Manhattan from Royal Princess

8. Relax by one of the pools or in the deck chairs all around the top levels of the ship.  On the middle level decks there are plenty of chairs and tables to sit and people watch and look out the window at the views.  Movies Under The Stairs is a big hit. Pick up card and table games are all over and you can check out the games from the ship’s library or bring your own.

9. Cruising is fun. We don’t live forever, have some fun! These people are having fun taking a dance lesson on ship.

Dancing on a cruise
Dancing on a cruise

Taking a cruise will give you many good memories. Planning a cruise is awesome too.  Give it a try and you many just like it so much you will become one of us frequent cruisers!

Retirement Travel – Why Cruise?
Cool Weather Cruise
Retirement Travel

View from cruise ship
View from cruise ship
Cruise for retirement
Cruise for retirement

Retirement Travel: Why Cruises Are Most Popular

Retirement Travel: Why Cruises Are Most Popular

From what I see in the retirement world, cruises are the favorite option for retirees when doing their retirement travel.

We have talked with many retirees about their cruise habits and here is what they are telling us are the reasons they like to cruise.

Just Pack And Go

Yep after booking your cruise and airfare just pack and go.  You don’t have to worry about repacking and moving every day or so and that really is a nice benefit. It is hard moving around with a suitcase or two. This way your hotel room goes with you.

Do As Much or As Little As You Want

I remember taking a two week bus tour of Italy. Sure we saw a lot of sights but we got so tired of getting up early and getting the suitcases in the hallway by 6am. We couldn’t slow down because we had the bus to catch to the next town.  Well with a cruise you do as much or as little as you want. In fact each person can make that decision for themselves. Get up early or stay up late, whatever you want to do.

cruise ship entertainersThere Is So Much To Do

In fact there is more to do on a cruise that you can do, so you just pick what you would like to do. Except for some excursions, you don’t have to plan ahead too much either. Shows, casino,bars, entertainers, dining, sports, or just lounging by the pool.

Travel to Different Parts of the World

Sightseeing while in port is fun and there is so much variety whether you are flying up a glaciers in Juneau on an Alaskan cruise or walking through the rain forest in Dominica on a Caribbean cruise.  Tour  St. Petersburg Russia while on the Baltic Sea cruise, spend a day at Waikīkī beach while on a Hawaiian cruise. Visit Ireland and Scotland on the British Isles cruise.

Most Affordable Retirement Travel

Cruises are some of the most affordable travel you can do and by paying a little attention anyone can get a good rate.  $80 to $100 per night is a good rate for a cruise.

dancing on cruise shipFriendly Like Minded People

Most people like meeting and talking with other cruisers. Many live in active adult communities and are used to making friends easily. Share a table with new folks at most meals and you may consider this reason enough to cruise again.

Wow I didn’t even mention the meals which many think is the reason to cruise, but most people we talked with didn’t even mention that.

If you are retired then you probably will start with 7 day cruises then move on to the longer cruises of 10, 12 and 14 days. Then many retirees like to either do back to back cruises or a cruise land vacation combination.

We have two more cruises booked later this year and are looking into a river cruise soon.  We enjoy cruising in our retirement and hope you do too!

Celebration Cruises

Celebrations are one of the main reasons people like to take a cruise. Anniversary cruises, retirement cruises, birthday cruises.

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