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Retirement Travel: Why Cruises Are Most Popular

Retirement Travel: Why Cruises Are Most Popular

From what I see in the retirement world, cruises are the favorite option for retirees when doing their retirement travel.

We have talked with many retirees about their cruise habits and here is what they are telling us are the reasons they like to cruise.

Just Pack And Go

Yep after booking your cruise and airfare just pack and go.  You don’t have to worry about repacking and moving every day or so and that really is a nice benefit. It is hard moving around with a suitcase or two. This way your hotel room goes with you.

Do As Much or As Little As You Want

I remember taking a two week bus tour of Italy. Sure we saw a lot of sights but we got so tired of getting up early and getting the suitcases in the hallway by 6am. We couldn’t slow down because we had the bus to catch to the next town.  Well with a cruise you do as much or as little as you want. In fact each person can make that decision for themselves. Get up early or stay up late, whatever you want to do.

cruise ship entertainersThere Is So Much To Do

In fact there is more to do on a cruise that you can do, so you just pick what you would like to do. Except for some excursions, you don’t have to plan ahead too much either. Shows, casino,bars, entertainers, dining, sports, or just lounging by the pool.

Travel to Different Parts of the World

Sightseeing while in port is fun and there is so much variety whether you are flying up a glaciers in Juneau on an Alaskan cruise or walking through the rain forest in Dominica on a Caribbean cruise.  Tour  St. Petersburg Russia while on the Baltic Sea cruise, spend a day at Waikīkī beach while on a Hawaiian cruise. Visit Ireland and Scotland on the British Isles cruise.

Most Affordable Retirement Travel

Cruises are some of the most affordable travel you can do and by paying a little attention anyone can get a good rate.  $80 to $100 per night is a good rate for a cruise.

dancing on cruise shipFriendly Like Minded People

Most people like meeting and talking with other cruisers. Many live in active adult communities and are used to making friends easily. Share a table with new folks at most meals and you may consider this reason enough to cruise again.

Wow I didn’t even mention the meals which many think is the reason to cruise, but most people we talked with didn’t even mention that.

If you are retired then you probably will start with 7 day cruises then move on to the longer cruises of 10, 12 and 14 days. Then many retirees like to either do back to back cruises or a cruise land vacation combination.

We have two more cruises booked later this year and are looking into a river cruise soon.  We enjoy cruising in our retirement and hope you do too!

Celebration Cruises

Celebrations are one of the main reasons people like to take a cruise. Anniversary cruises, retirement cruises, birthday cruises.

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