Retirement Blogs

Some of the Best Retirement Blogs

These are excellent retirement lifestyle blogs by real people living the retirement life and willing to share with you what real retirement life looks like and how to have the best retirement possible. If you are already retired, you will relate and maybe pick up a pointer or two.

Generally these are non financial and more practical lifestyle blogs.

Some have asked me if this is one of those blog carnivals.  These are blogs I personally have reviewed and liked after looking at many retirement blogs. I use this page as a bookmark and come here to get to my favorite retirement blogs. Why not bookmark this page and do the same.  If you know of a really great retirement blog, by all means let us know in the comments below and I will take a look.

Our Favorite Retirement Lifestyle Blogs

Deborah Diane’s Baby Boomer Retirement is one of my favorite retirement blogs on this list.  I have been following Deborah on Twitter which introduced me to her blog. I must say she has one of the most current, relevant and useful retirement blog around.  You will find yourself a regular visitor to this blog.

Retirement – Only the Beginning by Dave Bernard is one of our favorites because it’s about ideas of what you can make of your retirement. Dave talks about the real retirement, not just financial retirement that is the focus of so many retirement sites. Dave also had two books out, I Want To Retire and my favorite Are You Just Existing And Calling it a Life?. This latter book speaks about developing passions for what you like in retirement and is very insightful.

A Satisfying Retirement – Built One Decision At a Time is a retirement blog by Bob Lowry that covers the retirement lifestyle and what retirement life is like. Right now follow Bob on his Summer RV trip. Always interesting and nice photos as well.

Time Goes By – A blog about what it’s really like to get old. I really like this interesting blog with great writing.

Retirement Travel Bloggers – Since travel is the number one activity of retirement I am including the list of the best travel bloggers.

Hope you enjoy these great retirement blogs and let me know in the comments about your favorite retirement blog.


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