Del Webb Communities

Children Are the Reason For Move

Children are the reason some people move to a 55+ community!

When you think about it, that is really ironic since children are not allowed to live at a 55+ community.

Let me explain. From living in a Del Webb Community, I observe these are two large groups of people who move to a 55+ community for the same reasons, at least initially.

Group number one and by far the largest group are people who moved to the area to be closer to their grown children and grand kids. Moving closer to your kids is the number one reason people move to a 55+ community outside of their home state.  It makes sense.  Where else could you move away, many times across the county, and immediately be accepted and make friends easily.  A 55+ active adult community is idea for this purpose.

The second much small group includes people who do not have kids or at least do not have a close relationship with their kids. They are free to move where they want to without considering where kids live. Again the 55+ retirement community is ideal for their lifestyle too. You have many friends in the community and a family of people you share a bond with at this wonderful stage of life.

This second group without kids include both married couples such as myself and Mary Ann and plenty of singles without kids.

There are a variety of reasons people move to a 55+ community but it’s kind of interesting that children are such an influence on many decisions.

Of course I have heard of several people who moved to a 55+ community to be closer to their kids and later the kids moved away and the parents stayed in their 55+ community.  On the other hand I have heard of the parents moving to a 55+ community in another state, then the grown kids moving down to be closer to the parents. Interesting.