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Activities is the Answer

I took the photo on top of this post on July 4th. It is at the end of our Pickleball Tournament at our Del Webb Community Village at Deaton Creek and the presentation of the tournament fees and donations to our Veterans Club to be distributed to four local disabled veterans.

The activity helped in a small way to support our veterans and we feel good about that.

Activities at a Del Webb Community and any Active Adult Community are the heart and key to what it’s all about. I realize we are in a restrained situation right now with social distancing, but the goal is to return to group activities as soon as it’s safe. We sure do miss them!

Activities on the surface, as we all know, help keep us active, therefore in better health. They help stem the tide of aging a little bit, at least give us a better quality of life while we are still around.

But another powerful purpose of activities, especially in an Active Adult Community, is to put you in contact on a regular basis with others that share your same interest and passions.

Like the pickleball group I joined of newbies (new players) taking lessons.  We met each week to take lessons and play a few games.  We cheered each other along in the tournament yesterday, then four of us when out to lunch. Over lunch we learned a little more about each other.  We enjoyed the time together so much we decided to keep this going by scheduling 7pm each Thursday to get together to play Pickleball. We will keep going to the Saturday classes but Thursdays on the schedule is for us.

This is how activities, besides being fun and good for you, introduce you to new friends. We are all new to pickleball because we found out we are all new to this community. This fact plus the love of playing Pickleball are the basis of possible friendships.

I have seen the exact same pattern with people enjoying other activities here. This is why we moved here.

You really don’t need a lot of regular activities, two or three will more than serve your needs.

Indeed, activities is the answer to a happy and satisfying retirement!

Active Adult Living Del Webb Communities

Hospital Nearby Is Mandatory

When you are looking at 55+ active adult communities, you are probably thinking about all the fun activities and the wonderful amenities that the community has.  The active adult lifestyle is what draws us to these communities.

One of the most important things to evaluate when looking for a place to move, is if there are good and adequate  medical systems nearby.  I would highly suggest finding and checking out the nearest hospital to the community.