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It’s Showtime!

It’s Showtime, our very own community run club, brings quality, affordable activities, events and entertainment for the residents of Village at Deaton Creek, a Del Webb community. Residents Sally and Sean Austin started and run It’s Showtime.

An Activity and Entertainment

It’s Showtime often brings in outside entertainers but this weekend, our neighbors provided the entertainment talent.

Saturday night Mary Ann and I went to see a comedy play (Funny Little Thing Called Love) produced by It’s Showtime and the Village Players. We and our neighbors enjoyed watching this play, laughing and being entertained in our own clubhouse.  Our community has talent!

16 Actors

Earlier in the day, I was talking with Bill (the fellow in the photo at the very top) while at the gym and told him we were going to see the play that night.  It’s his first play as an actor. He told me he got some training by taking Bert Emma’s Theater 101 workshop, which he found quite interesting. They learned about timing and delivery of their lines. Learning the acting craft is challenging, but also interesting, he says.

I just love this theater stuff! It’s a whole new life. -Connie

So the Theater 101 workshop was offered and several who are new to acting attended.  Other actors had previous acting experience in their high school or college theater.  A few of the actors have been in several of the seven past productions, but this year’s play included several new actors who really shined, sometimes playing a different character in two of the six scenes.

All of the actors said it was fun and they encourage other residents to give it a try.

It’s a good way to get involved in the community, Ruth says.

It Takes a Village

You know how when they roll the credits at the end of a movie, there are hundreds of supporting people listed.  Same thing with a play.

So 16 on stage actors is what you see and that is a lot of people that need coaching, directing, running rehearsals for each of the five scenes, costume design and production, make up.

Then there stage design, procuring props, having crews to change the sets between scenes, prompters and a stage manager.

Think that’s it? Nope. There’s hospitality and helping with the intermission refreshments (moon pies and RC colas!), ticket sales, videography and taping the production as well as sound systems and procuring the right sound effects, setting up and operating the lighting and the steel framed stage, house management assigning ushers to hand out programs and usher people to their seats.

Production of a really professional play bill takes a lot of creative effort including taking actor photos, active profiles, content and layout, sponsor ad sales, printing and delivery.

Well, there is a lot to this theater stuff, that’s for sure. It certainly is an activity that take a lot of creative efforts by many people.

Working with Other Community Theaters

Everyone involved with this production was a resident except Allen Story who was the director. He has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Brenau University, which has a wonderful community theater and Mary Ann and I have seen several of their plays.

The Winder-Barrow Community Theatre loaned some of the props and costumes in the production.



What a wonderful event all the way around for the residents of our community!

Robert Fowler

Active Adult Living Del Webb Communities

Entertainment Shows

When considering the Pros and Cons of Active Adult Communities, you may not fully appreciate having on site entertainment, until you actually live in one.  We have enjoyed the entertainment here at Village at Deaton Creek more than we realized we would.

I think on site entertainment is often overlooked because it’s not something you see or experience when visiting the community as a prospect. Most larger Active Adult Communities do have excellent entertainment programs.

Our Grand Ballroom probably seats 250 people and many times it is sold out for shows, so two or more shows are added.

Grand Ballroom at Village at Deaton Creek
Grand Ballroom at Village at Deaton Creek

The Homeowners Association puts on a lot of the shows but here at VDC, our community was one of the first to start a resident’s club (It’s Showtime) that provides entertainment for our residents. There is a new show every month which includes tribute shows or other entertainers, game shows with dinner and a play performed by residents.

Some of the reasons we love the on site entertainment are:

  1. The shows are always good and some even excellent. Some of the tribute bands sound as good as the original act.
  2. The variety of the shows.  In our short time here we have seen tribute shows for Elvis, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Everly Brothers, Bon Jovi, Journey, Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, Kingston Trio, and many house bands playing a variety of music we like. We have seen a symphony trio, comedy show, variety show, Ventriloquist, Korean Cultural Show and dinner, and the games shows: Liars Club and Family Feud. Wow!  Of course, there have been many more shows we didn’t go to including an opera singer, other tributes for Barbara Streisand and one for Frank Sinatra, cruise boat entertainers, etc. The Agatha Mystery Theater show sold out so fast we missed it.
  3. It’s nice not to have to drive outside the community. We get to the clubhouse in 2 or 3 minutes and there is plenty of parking. No dangerous night driving.
  4. Prices are reasonable. Always less than $20 per ticket and some as cheap as $8.  We are probably paying at least $10 less per ticket than the same groups get elsewhere since we are non profit.
  5. Always something going on every month with at least 3 or 4 shows per month.
  6. A smaller music venue like ours offer an intimate experience with the performer and are the growing trend in entertainment.
  7. It’s nice to go with friends and neighbors. Many times groups get tables to sit together. Some go out for dinner before or after a show or coffee and desert at a neighbors house.

Entertainment shows are something we really enjoy about living in our Del Webb Active Adult Community.  We feel like this is a bonus benefit of choosing to live here. Our neighbor called yesterday and added us to their ticket order for an upcoming John Denver Tribute show. Every month we look forward to seeing what shows will be coming up.