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Exercise Workout Routines

I took the above photo of our gym at Village at Deaton Creek at 7AM this morning. 7AM I have found is a great time for me to exercise. It sure is nice to have a gym in our activity center.

7AM is works for me because it is early enough not to be the least crowded.

Exercise Not Talking

AT 7AM, the social takers have not yet arrived. They seem to do more talking than exercising. They gather around the coat rack or the water fountain and if you start a conversation there with them, you are likely to be there at least 20 minutes. That cuts into your exercise time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk with people and  several of the social talkers are my good friends. That makes it harder not to talk for a while. Some people have told me they went to exercise but ending up talking and did not get any exercise done!

It is easier to have some small talk when using the exercise machines. But when I am race walking on a treadmill at 5.2 miles per hour, it takes my full focus to maintain my pace.  If I talked it could be dangerous as I would probably fall off.

In fact, I try to look straight ahead and not even at one of the 4 TVs in front of me.  CNN and Fox News doesn’t seem to go with exercise anyway.  If you are going slow enough to watch TV, you are probably going too slow.

Several people do have ear plugs while using their treadmills.  Besides TV stations, they do offer radio stations. On my smartphone I used to listen to a great running playlist of music that I really looked forward to.  Too bad they don’t let you listen to music in race walking competitions.

Forming an Exercise Habit

The other thing about hitting the gym at 7AM is that you  can get your exercise done for the day. Every active adult should have an exercise routine.

The key to developing an exercise routine is making it a habit to go to the gym everyday at the same time. When I wake up at 6AM, I like to drink two glasses of water and have a Cool Mint Cliff Bar with caffeine equal to one cup of coffee. That is enough before I exercise. Then after I exercise and return home, I eat a small breakfast.

It nice to be back in an exercise routine. It makes training some much easier.

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Nice To Have A Fitness Center In Our 55 and Over Community

Fitness Center in Our Community

It is so nice to have a fitness center right here in our 55 and over community.

It’s after Thanksgiving and everyone agrees something needs to be done to keep the holiday pounds in check.

On Site Fitness Center

Our fitness center is in our clubhouse here at Village at Deaton Creek. right in the middle of our community at the clubhouse or activities center as some may call it. It is one mile from my home. Many people just walk down to the fitness center, but I usually drive the 3 minutes to get to our clubhouse without getting out on any public highway.

Today there were people coming in to the gym to start their post Thanksgiving workouts today. One lady said “I have got to quit eating so much!”.  A gentleman heard that and said, “I enjoyed every bite of food!”.  Another commented that it was hard to start coming back after being off for a few days.

I suppose after the first of the year, the gym will be crowded, but I have never had a problem getting to the exercise machines, as there is an adequate number of them to handle the demand.

We have a long line of treadmills and a couple of rows of recumbent bikes. Then we have a free weights section, a punching bag, a stretching pad and a bar/mirror area with bands and balls for more stretching.  I like that our equipment is keep in good repair and replaced with newer models often.

The clubhouse operating hours are Monday to Saturday 6am to 10pm and Sunday from 10am until 8pm. Open just about anytime you want to visit.

Personal Trainer Available

Here at our Del Webb Community, we have a personal trainer in our gym 3 days a weeks.  She works as an independent contractor but also gives free instructions of how to use the fitness equipment. This is a real benefit. The following is from our community newsletter and covers some benefits of working out and using a personal trainer for us age 55 and better.

Newsletter article: If you’ve ever been to the Clubhouse Fitness Center, you’ve probably seen Debi Henderson. She provides free instruction to residents on how to use the fitness equipment in a program known as “Fitness with Debi.” All residents are allowed one session. Despite being a fixture at VDC with a longevity surpassing that of most residents and staff members, Debi is an independent certified personal trainer with nearly 25 years of physical therapy training. In addition, Debi is certified to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and certified by the Nautilus Company to train on their equipment.
Despite having a well equipped gym, the equipment provides limited benefits if not used properly. That includes following proper form and knowing what equipment to use and when to use it.
Most important, many people past 50 have a condition called sarcopenia, a decline in skeletal muscle that begins as early as age 40 and becomes increasingly worse with age. Without resistance training, it is not uncommon for people to lose half their muscle mass by age 70. Sarcopenia is to muscle as osteoporosis is to bone. It has been associated with chronic diseases and has been known to increase the risk of falls.
That’s the bad news. The good news is that a well-planned exercise regime and regulated diet can reverse the effects of sarcopenia.
Even better, you don’t have to leave VDC to get started. The equipment is here, and Debi can get you started on a plan suited for your current fitness level and goals. If you’re already in shape and want to pass a plateau, Debi can develop a plan to reach your goal. If you haven’t exercised in decades, she has the credentials to get you started on the path to better fitness.
Debi says, “As people age, they lose balance, strength, bone and muscle. It is important to do both weight training and cardio to reverse these effects of aging.”
Her prior rehabilitation experience makes her well qualified to also work with residents that suffer from disabilities.
As she told me “Even though they may have lost some mobility it is important to keep them moving and from losing anymore. It is also good for their mind and spirit.”
Starting a structured training program designed for your personal needs may be one of the best decisions you make in your entire life.

Aerobics: Cardio and Floor Exercise Room

Another great area for exercise is the hardwood floor aerobics exercise room on the lower level of our clubhouse. As you can see from these photos, it is well equipped with all kinds of resistance equipment and a couple of free weight racks.

This room is used for organized exercise classes like the Cardio Scupt class which I take and others like Cardio Strength & Tone, Zumba Gold, and several dance classes as well.

Fitness at the Indoor and Outdoor Pools

Many people like to exercise at the indoor pool this time of year. A couple of lap lanes are set up for those really dedicated swimmers and interesting classes are offered like the popular Water Weights and Water Aerobics. Then there is the fun Water Polo matches and the artful Water Synchronized swimming.

indoor pool water exercise

If all this leaves you sore, then there is the bubbling hot spa to relieve your pain!

These are wonderful indoor fitness facilities to have right here in our community. These amenities are another good reason to live in a 55+ Active Adult Community.