Del Webb Communities


Activities at a Del Webb Community: Dancing

Last night, my wife Mary Ann and I were guest at the Square Dancers Club’s party in the Clubhouse here at Village at Deaton Creek, a Del Webb community. Our neighbors, who are avid square dancers and members of this club invited us.  As you can see from the above photo, the dance floor with filled with people promenading to the tune of a live band and a professional caller.

Many of the folks in the club have been square dancing for years.  I think the party was given to round up some new comers such as us. There were members present from at least two other area square dance clubs. We got invited to take dance lessons from three different clubs.

The people genuinely looked like they were having a good time as they serenaded around the dance floor to the callers’ instructions. They were smiling and I noticed they bowed to their partners to start and then thanked all the other dance partners in their square at the end of each dance. A square consists of four couples and during the dance you might find yourself dancing with another partner, so it’s a pretty social dance.  They take breaks and enjoy refreshments and visit with other members of the group.

The caller was experienced and sang some of the calls. The music was enjoyable by itself. The calls brought smiles to the dancer’s faces and some miss steps were met with laughter.

This dance club meets Tuesday evenings each week and is something to look forward to, seeing friends, enjoying the music and trying out new dance steps.

Del Webb communities have a variety of dance clubs and all are open to anyone living in the community. Dance lessons are given frequently for those who want to learn. We were members of a dance club for over a year and loved to just keep taking the lessons… that was our favorite part to be honest.

Of course line dancing is extremely popular also at Del Webb communities. They usually have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Most senior dances of all types usually have a line dance or two thrown it. Line dancing is popular on cruises also. Just need yourself, as you will have a dance floor full of partners!

Yes, dancing is one of the most popular activities at Del Webb and other Active Adult Communities.