Del Webb Communities


This evening I joined about 40 people who live on my street in a Del Webb Community to play Bunco at our clubhouse. We had dinner first then sat at card tables with 4 players each.

Bunco is played by rolling 3 dice and is a very simple short game. After the third short game, the two losers from each table moves down a table and the two winners move up a table.

Bunco  is a very social game. After every game you change partners, so I ended up playing 15 or 20 people, all who live in our section in a Del Webb  community.

It if roll three dice with the same number as the round you are playing, you  shout out “Bunco!”.  A bell rings to start and stop each round.  I got to be the bell ringer tonight which was a lot of fun.

Bunco is just good excuse to have fun, spend some time with your neighbors and have a mid week party.  It was another fun activity.