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We All Have Possibilities

More Possibilities in Retirement

We all have possibilities that we don’t even know we have. We can do things we never dreamed we could do.

In middle age many of us get into ruts, doing the same things over and over while giving up some things along the way that we used to love to do.

Retirement presents the next phase of life’s possibilities for us. It’s our job to discover them. It may be something you have always dreamed of doing, but it could be something you never dreamed of doing.

Senior games and athletics has given me a taste of that. When I began walking at our senior center, I had never even heard of race walking, but now I compete at National Competitions. I used to run track in high school and was sure those glory days were over, but track competitions now are just as thrilling.

In our mind we grow into thinking we are limited as the list of things we will never do again grows every year. But many opportunities are there for us that we don’t seem to consider because of our age and other factors.

I have seen older athletes that really surprised me at how good they were and making me feel a little guilty that I prejudged them by their age and appearance. So it’s not a good idea to limit what other people can do either!

There are many example of people who have done wonderful things later in life. We shouldn’t let our thinking limit us, especially when we have the time to try something new and exciting.

Sometimes it takes a little courage and getting over the fear of failure to try something new for the first time.

What new things have you tried lately? This month I took pickleball lessons and started playing for the first time.  I didn’t think I would like it but I found out it’s fun and as Larry says “habit forming” to play.  My wife Mary Ann played today for the first time and she liked it.

Someone suggested I play on the softball team here at our retirement community and I have been reluctant.  Maybe I will give it a try; who knows I may love it. Maybe I will get bonked on the head trying to catch the ball. But that would be something to play softball again, something I never thought I would be doing again.

That’s one good thing about living in an Active Active Community, there are so many activities that you can try. Maybe I should try something that would be challenging and scare me to death, like being in a play or a painting class.

When and if you do try something you never dreamed you would be doing, it is very satisfying and gives you a feeling of confidence.  You begin to feel you can do more than you thought you could do and may even start to see things you never dreamed you could do as possibilities.

Expand your possibilities, like 91-year-old Betty Lindberg who set a world’s record in track (photo at top of page).

Del Webb Communities

Ladies Card Games

Since moving in to our Del Webb community, Mary Ann and I learned to share many activities but there are some activities we both do on our own.

One activity Mary Ann enjoys is the ladies card games, especially something called Hand and Foot.  It is kind of like playing Canasta I have heard.

There is a large group that plays at our clubhouse, but Mary Ann plays with a group of ladies on our street and they take turns playing at each other homes, usually playing for several hours the same day each week. It seems like Thursdays are the hot card game day of the week in our community. The group is either 4 or 6 and they play as partners of two. The regular schedule makes it easy.

Mary Ann says it’s good mental exercise but I suspect it is the social aspect that the players enjoy the most.  Mary Ann always comes home with a bit of neighborhood news. Coffee and snacks are served.

Other benefits of playing Hand and Foot with this group is that it keeps you in contact with your neighbors. When we were new to the community, it was a great way to really get to know your neighbors.

These types of card games are going on almost every day of the week throughout the community and at the clubhouse.  Just because I give the example of the ladies card game, it in no way implies men don’t play. There are plenty of men playing card games and not just poker. Anyone can just show up at the clubhouse when any card or table game is on the schedule and be included. If it’s just you, you will have no problem finding partners to play with. It fact it’s a great way to meet people and find new friends.

As far as popularity, I would guess that card and table games are enjoyed by more people than any other activity at a 55+ active adult community.  It’s easy to learn, to find people to play with and you can play all year long.

To give you an idea of how popular card cards are, just looking at our schedule this month, here are some of the card games scheduled (not even counting the many table games).

  • Shanghai Rummy is a card game for 3 – 8 players.  In some parts of the country, it is called May I?.  It is a version of Contract Rummy consisting of a series of rounds.
  • Duplicate Bridge Club, Rusty Bridge Club, Contract Bridge Club
  • Double Deck Pinochle Group
  • Hand and Foot has been a huge hit in our community. If you are in an existing Hand and Foot Player and just can’t get enough OR you would like to join others in the fantastic game similar to Canasta, join this group and let’s get started with some more Hand and Foot!!
  • The Men’s Poker Group meets every Tuesday in the clubhouse lounge. A third table has been added so there’s now space for more players.
  • Hearts Group
  • Co-Ed Texas Hold’em Group
  • Spades Group
  • Euchre Card Game Club
  • Daytimers Texas Hold’em Group

If you don’t see a card game you would like to play, you can just start a group.