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Women’s Pickleball Tournament

Yesterday was the Women’s Round Robin Pickleball Tournament here at Village at Deaton Creek. There were 16 women playing a total of 5 games each with the top 4 high scorers battling in out in a 15 point match.

Round Robin tournaments were computer matched so that the participants played with different partners and against different players on one of four pickleball courts.

The tournament began at 9am and was over by 11:30am, so things moved along pretty nicely.

Larry, Gonzalo and I are on the pickleball committee and have been planning for this events for weeks with registration and scheduling. We are writing procedures on how to carry out a pickleball round robin tournament as we go. Yesterday was a fun and interesting day!

Larry and Gonzalo recording scores while club President Jeanne Galasso looks on.

The title match was worthy of it’s name with the game very close all the way to the finish. I was along court side as the photographer and got some nice pictures showing how engaged the players were. They were “in the zone” and the spectators were too.

The top photo on this post is of the two winners Bev Pomplun and Jane Ann Buturff and you can see they are fully engaged.

I took this photo of the final four before the match as they were beaming with anticipation.

Pickleball tournament finalists: Bev Pomplun, Jane Ann Buturff, Mary Colosimo, Kathy Carudo

Robert Fowler
Pickleball Tournament Committee

Championship game
Championship game
Active Adult Living Del Webb Communities

Winter Walking

WINTER WALKING Being outdoors during the darker, chillier season is also good for your health and well-being. While walking in general is a great way to maintain fitness physically, it is also brilliant for boosting your feel-good hormones. Walking increases serotonin levels, which can help to prevent depression and the traditional autumn and winter blues.

The great thing about most Active Adult Communities is that they have sidewalks, walking trails, and plenty of places to walk. Plus many of your neighbors walk also. Good way to walk and talk and or solo walk while being close to home.

See the leaves and acorns in the above photo of the Deaton Creek Parkway. Those, especially when wet can get the strongest walkers on the ground in a hurry.  One of our residents had a leg cast on this week because he fell on wet pavement.  An walker who is a good friend slipped and banged his head on wet pine straw at the start of a race last Winter. He has had brain surgery.   Just be careful.  It can happen to you.

However the benefits of walking in Winter are many.

Winter walking plus-points

  • Colorful autumn scenery
  • Huge bright blue skies
  • Saying hello to neighbors
  • Wonderful crisp Winter weather
  • Beautiful misty mornings and golden sunsets
  • A walk on our community’s woodland trails
  • Warming hot chocolates after a day’s walk.
  • Dress warmly. Scarfs, hat, wind breaker, gloves, tights and undergarments, bright colors, thick socks, sunglasses, chap stick. All help.

Be safe and enjoy your walks!