Medical Travel For Seniors

Medical tourism, that is traveling to another country for affordable medical treatment is on the rise, particularly for us seniors. I know two of my friends who have traveled out of the country for medical procedures and there are probably several more, maybe who don’t talk about it.

My friend, David, who is in his early 70’s, traveled to Costa Rica to get many of his teeth capped. He told me it was actually an American Doctor from California who did the work and it cost him much less than he would have paid at home.  He was happy and recommended it.  He ended up liking Costa Rica as well and went back to visit several times, for additional dental work and for pleasure.

I read where dental implants are one of the most common medical travel procedures.

Some people take a long vacation when they travel abroad for medical treatments.   One friend when to Serbia for either a face lift or maybe it was just upper eye lid surgery and stayed for one month. Towards the end he could enjoy the trip as well.

Some people travel to Mexico, including Cancun, for procedures and I see Medical Travel companies that advertise they will take you there, arrange for post-op lodging and then get your back home.

Some countries specialize in different medical fields.  I guess Costa Rica may be dental since I have heard several people say that.  South Korea is supposed to be the place for plastic surgery, maybe Serbia also. Brazil is also known for their plastic surgeons.  Turkey has eye care.

Reportedly the cost savings for medical travel treatments is from 15% to 75% after deducting your travel expenses.

The benefits of medical travel include saving money, getting some traveling in and reducing the waiting time as it can be quicker.

There is even a Medical Tourism Association which a non profit association for medical travel. Their site has quite a bit of information.

I am sure there are plenty of downfalls from medical travel as well. The CDC had health warning for travelers to Mexico about the Zita Virus, Hepatitis A and unsanitary conditions.

To me, it sounds like the medical travel for dental work may be the best.  I would really have to be convinced to do anything else. But apparently many people are convinced medical travel is worth it.