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Best Locations For Over 55 Communities

Most of the good size 55+ Active Adult Communities are located on the outer edges of the larger metro areas. Some say that is because land prices are cheaper for the developers like Del Webb, to acquire the hundreds of acres at a reasonable price. That may be part of the reason for the location, but it is more than that.

As the article Best Small Towns Are In Big City Metros points out:
“It turns out that some of the best small towns in the country to retire in may be found near the outskirts of some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.  More and more city dwellers nearing retirement age are contemplating a shorter distance to their end-of-work destination and are not crossing the state line.  Rather, retirees are moving to the outskirts of the major city they worked in for decades, to smaller communities that offer a lower cost of living and a much slower pace.” In fact, one of the most searched terms is 55 and over communities near me.

Shelly Bloom with Virtual Properties Realty, our Village at Deaton Creek resident agent, points out on her web site: This location provides easy access to Atlanta, Gainesville, Athens, Lake Lanier and the mountains, giving homeowners admission to entertainment, shopping, fine dining and a myriad of outdoor activities.

So the outer Metro locations are the best of both worlds.  It also has these benefits:

5 Reasons Outer Metros Are the Best Locations for Active Adult Communities

  1. You can live among the outskirts of a metro area and remain close to friends, family and loved ones without dealing with the traffic, high taxes, crime or neighbors too busy to be friends with a retired person. Plus if you have lived your life in that metro area, then you are familiar with the area.
  2. Provides convenient access to state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers.  Specialists and general practitioners are even opening up second locations next to 55+ Communities to provide easy access for their patients. This is particularity true here at Village at Deaton Creek with the new Northeast Georgia Medical Center right next door, the new Longstreet Clinic building across the street and many more existing and under construction medical buildings along our Friendship Parkway. See Being Close to A Hospital is Mandatory
  3. Rather than living in the hustle of a city, retirees like to slow down a little to smell the roses and enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle.
  4. As listed above, if you wanted to continue working full or part time, you are close enough to commute to a job.
  5. The beauty of the areas is amazing, something you will not get in the suburbs. You can actually see the sky, enjoy the many local parks,  see the mountains, watch the sunrise or sunset.

So there are many reasons the outer Metro areas are the perfect location for 55+ Active Adult Communities.