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Free Zumba Classes

Free Live Zumba Gold Classes Online

 Great For Your Brain and Everything Else

When the pandemic closed the gyms, a fitness instructor moved her classes online.

When her weekly Zumba Gold classes at the local adult center were cancelled due to Covid-19, Elizabeth Moakler had a puzzle to solve…

“How can I keep my gang moving?  Would online classes work?

Am I willing to commit to teaching free LIVE classes online?

What if nobody joins me?”

She wouldn’t have to wonder for long. At first, the online classes were small. Just a few ladies from her nearby Dell Webb community danced along at home in front of their computers. Today participants from 6 countries join her classes 4 times per week from her home studio over Zoom, including Rita, her 80-year-old mum in England. According to her students, she plays favorite songs from yesterday and today, and there is a real sense of community in the group. 50 to 90 people join in for each live class. We asked her why she teaches the classes at no charge…

“I just love putting the energy out there. We stay positive and share a real sense of caring. Today so many are still facing loneliness and isolation. We welcome and celebrate everybody.” 


7 Benefits of Zumba Gold Online for Your Health

  1. Keep your brain sharp. By following Elizabeth’s moves, you’re doing mental exercises, fending off forgetfulness and dementia. No other activity has proven more effective than dance.
  2. Get that heart rate up. Increase blood flow with aerobic benefits for the lungs.
  3. Move your Joints. Reduce stiffness, pain, and inflammation. Promote muscle tone and strength. Zumba Gold is low impact, and gentle on the joints.
  4. Burn calories. Over time, maybe you’ll fit into those favorite jeans again.
  5. Joy. Moving to the latin beats and disco hits may be the most fun you’ll have all day. 
  6. Human connection. Be part of a group. Interact with others online before and after class.
  7. No commute to the gym. No parking. No membership fees.

“If exercise came in a bottle, it would sell out immediately because it’s so darn good for you. Live longer, stay sharp, and feel great doing it.”

If you want to try Elizabeth’s free classes, just send her an email to: and say, “I want to try Zumba at home”.

You’ll receive an email every Sunday containing 4 invite links. One for each class that week. Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun. Take up to 4 live classes per week.

Elizabeth Moakler – Certified Fitness instructor of 22 years.