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Gated Community

A gated community by definition refers to a type of residential neighborhood that has controlled access via one or more gates that residents and visitors must pass through when entering the community.  A manned gated community is staffed by a security guard or courtesy person that checks to see if a person is authorized to enter when they do not have an automatic gated opener.

Most of the larger Active Adult 55+ Communities, like those built by Del Webb, Cresswind Homes, and Trilogy Communities are manned gated communities. Gated communities are a signature beneficial feature of active adult communities.

Our community Village at Deaton Creek, a Dell Webb community is a manned gated community. I went up to talk with the guard at the main entrance to find out what the benefits are, of living in a manned gated community.  He invited me in for a nice chat and let me sit in the captain’s chair in front of the monitor with a live picture of the rear gate (which is unmanned but gated) and a display of a list of residents and guests on the screen.

Our guardhouse is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are three gate lanes at the main entrance, two for entry including one for residents with a automatic gate opener. The guard does look at those vehicles entering the automatic gate also and pointed out one to me entering with an opener but no sticker on the windshield. Hmmm.

A second entrance lane directs people by the guardhouse where we were sitting, to check in.  The guard asks their purpose and destination and  checks to see if they have been authorized. In our 20 minute meeting, there must have been 15 cars stopping by to gain access. It was surprising busy.  He said rainy days are not as busy since contractors are not working.

The third gate is people leaving the community and that gate opens automatically but forces people to slow down a bit.  The guard does take a look vehicles leaving.

Main entrance
Main entrance

Benefits of a Gated Community

I already knew residents like living in a gated community because of the perceived safety and I do think that is a main benefit. People travel, take cruises or visit Florida for a couple of months and know their home is pretty safe.

Living in a gated community can be kind of a status symbol and impresses friends who have to stop by the guardhouse on their entry.

Having controlled access also keeps out uninvited people from just riding through the community to take a look or to use as a cut through.  Besides saving wear on our streets, it is safer and quieter without that traffic.

Controlled access also keeps the public from driving in to use our facilities and amenities, like the courts used for sports and other things.

The guard said he is there to assist also.  If the resident’s automated  gate breaks down, he can route us through his gate.  If an emergency vechile is approaching, he lifts the gates so they don’t need to stop.

Residents can call the guard house to tell them about visitors they are expecting, but actually it is more efficient to email the guardhouse.  They will reply to confirm.  Call the guardhouse to ask for their email.

guard house at entrance
guard house