Active Adult Living Del Webb Communities

Keeping Retirement Interesting

Variety is the spice of life. Being curious and trying new things keeps life interesting.

Fortunately for us living in an Active Adult Retirement Community, there are plenty of new things to do. You can try some activities for a while, then for a change and try some new ones.

People Are Interesting

Activities are fine but people are the ones that keep our lives interesting. If you like to meet new people and carry on conversations, there is no better place than here in the community.

I got down to our clubhouse this morning at 5:45 to get in line to buy It’s Showtime tickets for the tribute to the Beach Boys and Four Seasons.  I got a que ticket and had about an hour to kill.  I sat at one of the high top table in the back of the lower level and a gentleman came over to join me and we talked. Here is what I learned listening.