Active Adult Living Del Webb Communities

It’s The Lifestyle

The most important thing you get in buying into an Active Adult Community, is a ready built framework for an “active lifestyle”.

Del Webb is a “culture industry”. They don’t do the heavy lifting, they just provide the framework.  They sell the dream, but the dream can come true.

Real estate agents say “We try to tell people to focus more on their lifestyle and less on the house”. That’s because that’s what they are buying, a lifestyle.

Some buyers don’t get that. They say the homes are too expensive. They are not considering the lifestyle.  If a buyer doesn’t want the lifestyle, but just wants the home,  then they should look elsewhere, as plenty of subdivisions offer ranch style homes. But that’s not an apples to apples comparison to a home in an Active Adult Community.

An active lifestyle in theory could be accomplished anywhere,  but with the framework that comes with living in an Active Adult Community, it can be accomplished much easier and faster.

So, What Is This Active Lifestyle?

An Active Lifestyle include many areas,  including these:

Social Lifestyle – always available. You pick and choose based on your likes and interests. Social support and friends. Connecting with people is one of the most important features of the Active Adult Lifestyle.  The framework provided includes clubs and groups,  activities, clubhouse,  events, neighbors, etc.

This is why the Del Webb marketing posters show the couples sitting around the fire pit  or pool with their glasses of wine.

Del Webb
Del Webb

I have written about how when looking to make friends,  activities is the answer.

Social Support – related to friends, there is an “we are in this together” spirit.  Neighbors are helping neighbors.  The framework provided is neighbors you can relate to.

Healthy Lifestyle – Getting out of the house is healthy and there are plenty of things going on in the community to draw you out of your house.  Health is on our minds and having planned activities, especially sports, makes it easier for you. Thus you are more likely to do things to promote your health. The framework is the amenities,  ball fields, teams with your neighbors sharing these activities.

Softball at Village at Deaton Creek
Softball at Village at Deaton Creek

Home lifestyle – one level, efficient, neighbors, security, low maintenance living, entertaining.  The framework also includes your home.

Dell Webb home
Dell Webb home

Positive Lifestyle – When people are doing things to improve their lives, they are happy. Being happy means you will be more positive.  A lot of the people  living in Active Adult Communities are happy and positive.

Location lifestyle – small town, urban, resort, coastal, neighboring communities, local area, exploring outside the community.

The location of your Active Adult Community can give you a taste of lifestyle different than what you had during your working years.

In our community, I like seeing the stars at night, the rolling hills, farms, community theaters, town squares and the sense of a small town community.  If your new community was at the beach or even in a city, then those different lifestyles have things to offer was well.

Conclusion About Active Adult Lifestyle

An Active Adult Community is a great way to make your life more active, healthy and to make new friends.  It’s all there waiting for you. In the two years I have lived here, I have become more active and healthy and made many new friends,  so I know it works.  Also see Will I Fit In?

It’s just a framework that works well,  but you have to make it  work for yourself.