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Benefits of Walking Alone

Benefits of Walking Alone

Many in our active adult community like walking alone and there are many good reasons to do so that you wouldn’t get if you were walking with partner or with a group. In the current virus scare, walking alone may be the best exercise for retirees and older adults.

You can walk your pace, something that’s hard to do when walking with someone. You can go slow or faster as you like. You can also pick your path and change your course if you like without having to check with another person.  You can walk hills or flatter paths. You can do a short walk or longer walk.

It is good to stay on schedule with your walking but walking alone you can walk when you want. If it’s too cold at the normal walking time, you can just go later without being missed.  You can leave for walk on the spur of the moment!

When walking alone you can focus more on your walking form and technique. You can also take in more of your environment and enjoy nature, rather than having to carry on a conversation.

Walking alone you can settle your mind with meditation or think about things. You can focus on your breathing and stress relief.

You can listen to music or stop and talk with people. You can stop to stretch or for a bathroom break. Yes there are many reason to walk alone, at least once in a while.

WALKING FOR FITNESS is a group that includes all walkers. There is no membership fee. You can join our group walks or walk alone.

To improve your health, WALK MORE!